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13. 02. 18

On February 9, 2018, in the framework of the Erasmus + C3QA project "Promoting the internationalization of research through the establishment and operation of a quality assurance system for the third cycle in accordance with the European integration agenda (C3QA)", a joint meeting of working groups participating in the project from Kazakhstan was held. As the country coordinator, IQAA initiated the meeting, where the proposals of all members of the working groups on the improvement of doctoral programs were discussed. President of IQAA, prof. Sh.M. Kalanova made a presentation reflecting the main aspects of doctoral studies, requiring changes.

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Members of the working groups from KazGUU, M. Auezov SKSU and MES took part in the discussion through Polycom. During the discussion of the proposals, the members of the working groups came to a common opinion, which is expected to be developed in a document, containing proposals for changes in the regulatory legal acts relating to doctoral studies.