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Astana dissemination conference on internal and external quality assurance systems for cycle 3 (doctoral) programmes
October 16-17, 2018
Astana, Kazakhstan


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The 1st dissemination conference under the Erasmus+ Project on «Promoting internationalization of research through establishment and operationalization of Cycle 3 Quality Assurance System in line with the European Integration (C3QA)»
took place between October 16 – 17th, 2018 in Astana, Kazakhstan hosted by the project partner M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University.

The conference was launched by the welcome speeches by Mr. Talgat Narikbayev, Rector of M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University and Mr. Miras Daulenov, Provost / Deputy Chairman of the Board, KAZGUU, who wished the conference participants nice stay in Astana and effective discussions and results in the framework of the conference.

Afterwards, the state of affairs regarding the C3QA Project’s achieved outcomes and activities foreseen for the second half of 2018 and the whole 2019 were presented by Mr. Arayik Navoyan, Coordinator of the C3QA project, Vice-rector of UFAR.

On behalf of the Independent Agency for quality assurance in education (IQAA) the event was attended by Gaynelgazy Adilgazinov – Head of the project on the methodology of the Department of accreditation of HEIs and Research institutes (centers) and Aliya Assylbekova – senior expert, Department of accreditation of HEIs and Research institutes (centers). During the conference IQAA presented 3 presentations on the following topics:

• What System of External Quality Assurance to address the challenges of State Policy for Quality Assurance of Cycle 3 (doctoral) programmes? The case of Kazakhstan

• Quality assurance of learning and teaching within the cycle 3 programs

• Focus on thesis supervision, submission and defense of EQA Cycle 3.The case of Kazakhstan

The conference sessions involved by the presentations by the participants focusing on the following two big themes:

– policy options and external quality assurance system for cycle 3 programmes presented by the Ministries of Education and Science and QA agencies of each partner universities (Day 1),

– internal quality assurance system for cycle 3 programmes presented by the representatives of the involved higher education institutions (Day 2).

The Astana dissemination conference was aimed at:

• providing a space for sharing and critical discussion of policy options and systems of external & internal (standards, procedures and tools) developed under the C3QA project for quality assurance of cycle 3 (doctoral) programmes;

• discussion of issues and exchange of experience in improving the quality of doctoral (PhD) programs of the project participants — Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and Mongolia — by building internal and external quality assurance systems in accordance with the European integration agenda.

Participants of the conference: policy makers, staff of higher education and research institutions involved in organization, delivery and quality assurance cycle 3 (doctoral) programmes and students involved or intended to be involved in doctoral studies.

Additional information and materials of the conference can be found on the official website of the project at the following link: http://c3-qa.com/news/astana-dissemination-conference-on-internal-and-external-quality-assurance-systems-for-cycle-3-doctoral-programmes/