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25. 05. 19

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Minutes on the Skype Call with the Kazakh partners

On 24th May, 2019 a skype meeting was held between the Kazakh partners, i.e. IQAA, KAZGUU, SKSU and the C3QA project EMT in order to discuss further actions and deliverables in line with the established timeline of activities.

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Firstly, the preparation for the Monitoring visit by the NEO Kazakhstan on 2nd July,2019 was addressed and Mr. Navoyan recommended that the Kazakh partners pay special attention to the following aspects:

• Compliance of the attained results and deliverables in line with the project LFM;

• Status of the IQA manual which should be typically validated by the HEI or be in the process of validation;

• EQA standards and guidelines should be presented as project deliverable developed by IQAA within the project for the pilot accreditation of the C3 (doctoral) programs.

As informed by the Kazakh partners, the EQA standards and guidelines have been officially validated by the MoES Kazakhstan and in this regard Mr. Navoyan recommended that an official letter on the MoES Kazakhstan’s decision regarding the adoption of the EQA standards should be provided in order to enclose it to the records on the project deliverables.

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Furthermore, the Kazakh partners informed that the peer-review report on the pilot accreditations at KAZGUU and SKSU are in the process of finalization and it was recommended to present both these Reports and the Self-assessment reports by KAZGUU and SKSU in the framework of the upcoming dissemination events on the project.

In addition, Mr. Navoyan highlighted the importance of maintaining the stickers having the inscription “with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union” on the equipment received under the project in order to promote the project’s visibility.

It was also noted that the received equipment should be recorded in the inventory lists of the HEIs to submit these lists to the NEO Kazakhstan’s consideration, in case necessary.

As stated, the Monitoring visit would also raise several questions on the project’s impact at the University-level, Ministry-level and the QA Agency-level and would be also accompanied with the questions on the sustainability actions by the Kazakh partners after the project’s lifetime.

Mr. Navoyan also highly encouraged the organization of a half-day dissemination conference in Nur-Sultan before September in order to promote the C3QA project’s visibility and for that purpose representatives from the other Universities in Kazakhstan, officials from the Embassies and EU Delegation to Kazakhstan as well as the NEO Kazakhstan team could be invited to the project’s dissemination event.

Overall, the project EMT and the Kazakh partners emphasized the importance of further collaborative actions within the project to attain the major goals and objectives till the culmination of the project’s lifetime.